Video Overlay

  • Superimpose PC graphics on live video
  • Based on Intel Atom and TVOne
  • Custom overlay software
  • Simple and intuitive user
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19" LCD Screens

  • Inbuilt quad splitter
  • 4 video inputs
  • Display single input or quad screen
  • Easily zoom in on screen selection
    to take video stills
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ROV LED Lights

  • Solid state lighting system
  • High luminous intensity
  • Less backscatter
  • Light penetrates further
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Quad input. Superimpose both dynamic and static PC generated text and graphics onto live composite video with the minimum of effort.

Monitor with quad splitter, enabling four individual video feeds to be displayed on the screen with easy zoom feature at the touch of a button.

We supply a range of ROV LED lights in 20 watt and 300 watt versions.

Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lights consumes less power and produce a more uniform light and at a color temperature that allows for greater penetration underwater.

Our experts can design, build and install control panels depending on your needs and requirements.

Transmit HD and SD video over the Internet and Intranets. The high quality solution to remote viewing.

If you need a custom design to get your project up and running, we can customize electronic designs tailored to your specific needs. PIC Microprocessor-based designs are our speciality.

Our experts will work with you to draw up the exact specifications before writing comprehensive and user-friendly software just for you.

If you have an existing PCB that continuously fails, or if you need to update your PCB with the latest components to improve reliability, we will rebuild it using modern components.

We have the resources and facilities to perform most forms of electronic servicing.

With years of extensive experience in designing and repairing hydraulic systems, we can design you a complete customized hydraulics solution.

SubSea Engineering

SubSea Engineering Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s premium suppliers of equipment for the offshore industry.

We design and manufacture quality subsea equipment and components such as Video Overlays, LCD Screens and LED lights for ROV’s and divers. We also provide specialist custom design services.

With over 20 years of experience in the offshore Oil and Gas, and Fibre Optic Cable Lay industries, we are your trusted one-stop Electronic, Software and Hydraulic Design Shop.